Losscon-Solution to secure merchandise on display and increase sales

      Easy to install, maintain and operate.  

      Anti-theft alarm with flashing light alert retailer to take action.

For any retail store display

Losscon High-Theft Solutions

Losscon is an Anti-shoplifting Line Alarm System that helps retailer to :

- Secure up to 10 merchandise with 1 main unit

- Provide a better customer experience with its small footprint

- Protect high value items with wide range of sensors :

             * Laptops & PCs

             * Handheld Electronic Device like Mobile phones, MP3 and MP4 players

             * Digital Cameras and Camcorders

- Meet the demands of functionality, aesthetics and ease of use

- Patent (JP)

             *Losscon-Evolution, Esthe-Lock Switch, Loss-Lock Switch and L-Switch

100% Quality Check

-All products undergo through quality check.

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